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Multiple Victim Public Shootings

Yale University Law School Working Paper, October 19, 2000.

Lott, John R., Jr., Yale University Law School

Landes, William M. University of Chicago Law School; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)


Multiple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handgun Laws: Contrasting Private and Public Law Enforcement

University of Chicago Law School, John M. Olin Law & Economics Working Paper No. 73, 1999.

Lott, John R., Jr., University of Chicago Law School

Landes, William M. University of Chicago Law School; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)


Safe Storage Gun Laws: Accidental Deaths, Suicides, and Crime

Yale Law School, Law & Economics Working Paper No. 237, 2000.

Lott, John R. University of Maryland Foundation, University of Maryland

Whitley, John E. University of Adelaide – School of Economics



National Instant Criminal Background Check System:

Fact vs. fiction on background checks and the gun control debate

Background checks have “no impact,” “zero” costs on law-abiding?

Tracking use of claim that 40% of gun sales take place without a background check

1968 Misdemeanor Conviction prevents U.S. Navy veteran from getting gun for self protection

One of the problems with background checks for gun purchases

More Problems with Brady Background Checks

The Problem with Brady Background Checks

What to make of the claim that 247 people on the terror watch list bought guns last year

Phantom gun control claims over the holes in the NICS background check system

NICS checks by state by month by year from 1998 to December 2010


Crime in Australia:

New Australian Study Shows More Guns, Less Crime

Gun smuggling in Australia, apparently the criminals are still obtaining guns

Australia gun ownership back up to where it was in 1996, doesn’t this gut the claims that Australia’s gun buyback is working?

Some notes on claims about Australia’s crime rates

Gun permits almost double over last 5 years in New South Wales Australia

More on Australia’s gun laws

Australian gun regulations on murder


Crime in Ireland:

Some examples of the impact of gun bans on murder rates

Even more gun control in Ireland

So were Piers Morgan and Christiane Amanpour dishonest about crime rates last night?


Crime in Jamaica:

Some examples of the impact of gun bans on murder rates

So were Piers Morgan and Christiane Amanpour dishonest about crime rates last night?

Jamaica’s Bloody Lesson on Guns

Figure on Jamaica’s murder rate from the third edition of More Guns, Less Crime

So much for Jamaica’s gun ban

Murder rates in Jamaica through the roof


Crime in Chicago:

Weren’t Chicago murder rates supposed to soar after the Supreme Court Decision?

So what happened to Chicago’s Murder and Violent Crime rates after the Supreme Court decision in June 2010 striking down Chicago’s gun laws?

“Gun Decision Was Product of University of Chicago”

Chicago has most murders of any city in the country

7th Circuit Appeals Court strikes down Chicago ban on gun ranges within the city limits

A defensive use in Chicago

Something to remember when the Supreme Court releases its decision on the Chicago Handgun ban case on Monday

Chicago’s gang problem, role of cuts and changes in police policies

Alan Gura predicts that crime will drop if gun ownership allowed in Chicago

Chicago makes it even more costly to own a gun

Let’s Face It, Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley Wants to Ban Guns, All Guns


Crime in Washington, D.C.:

Updating the changes in DC’s crime rates since Heller

Vet loses guns to DC police as he travels through nation’s capital

DC drags feet on correcting false info on DC’s gun laws

Ask Canada — gun registration won’t make D.C. safer

“D.C.’s made-up gun laws”

Crime down after Supreme Court overturns city gun bans

DC reluctantly moves to remove some gun control laws

DC’s phony crime closure rates

Faced with a certain loss in a lawsuit DC “may” allow its single registered gun dealer to start operations again

Where is the ACLU in Chicago and DC gun fee cases?

“Shot down: D.C. residents unable to register handguns”

Just a reminder about DC and Chicago’s crime rate changes after the Supreme Court decisions

DC’s murder and violent crime rates keep falling after their gunlock and gun ban laws were struck down

NY Times points to Times Square BOMBER as reason for more government regulation of guns?

How difficult is it to get a handgun in DC? Very, very difficult.


There is a lot of discussion right now about the number of shootings in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. As the Chicago Tribune notes:

16 people killed in weekend gun violence over the long holiday weekend in Chicago. Sixty-six other people were wounded, a toll Mayor Rahm Emanuel said is “unacceptable.” . . .

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) today released a report, Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States, revealing that 11.1 million Americans hold concealed carry permits up from an estimated 4.6 million in 2007.

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